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Anupam Kher recites a poem on the plight of labourers: 'Those who left villages for better lives are forced to return'

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Actor Anupam Kher has shared a touching video on Twitter and talked about the plight of migrant workers trying to get back to their native villages. Anupam may not have written it, but he recites the poem with such intensity and empathy that he will touch hearts.

Anupam says, "Ho gaya majboor insaan daane daane ke liye, chaar kandhe bhi nahi arthi uthane ke liye. Chod kar aye the pichda bol kar jo gaon ko, kis qadar majboor hain wo gaon jane ke liye. Wo humein paani pilane tak ko ab raazi nahi hain. Khoon bahaya hai humne jinke karkhane ke liye. Gardish-e-dauran se meri thak gayi hai zindagi. Maut bus tu hi bachi hai azmaane ke liye (Human beings are helpless for even two meals, not even four people can gather for the last rites. Those who left villages calling them backward, are now forced to go back to their villages. Those people, for whose factories we gave our sweat and blood, are not even ready to give us water. We are tired of this unfortunate life and only death remains to be tested). "

The video is a montage of pictures and video clips showing Anupam reciting the poem, and alternately, the plight of migrant labourers enroute their native places.

"Ho gaya mazdoor apne desh mein hi dar-ba-dar. Maut odhe fir raha hai, jaan bachane ke liye. Neend hai, na chain hai na zindagi ki aas hai, ab kaha mazdoor jayein ghar basane ke liye. Hon mubarak aapko 'Shadaab' khushiyon ke mahal, Hum abhi zinda hain apna ghum uthane ke liye (Labourers have no place of their own in their own country, they are wearing death as they try to escape lives and run back home. Where shall the labourer go to make a home? Stay happy inside your palaces, we are still alive, to bear the burden of our own sorrow)," he further said.

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