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Karan Johar announces C Sankaran Nair biopic, find out who was C Sankaran Nair

Karan Johar's upcoming production venture, The Untold Story of C Sankaran Nair, will be directed by Karan Singh Tyagi.

Karan Johar on Tuesday announced his next production venture. The filmmaker took to Instagram and said that he is "extremely excited and honoured to be bringing the untold story of C Sankaran Nair."

A note from Dharma Productions read, "This film unravels the legendary courtroom battle that Sankaran Nair fought against the British Raj to uncover the truth about the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. Sankaran Nair's bravery ignited the freedom struggle across the country and is a testament to the power of fighting for the truth."

The film, which is a biopic on C Sankaran Nair, is inspired from real life events and adapted from the book "The Case That Shook The Empire." The book has been written by Raghu Palat, the great-grandson of Sankaran Nair, and his wife Pushpa Palat.

While the film has been announced, the star cast is yet to be announced. It will go on floors shortly.

Who was C Sankaran Nair?

C Sankaran Nair was the president of the Indian National Congress in Amaravathi in 1897. Described as a constitutionalist within the national movement, he resigned from the Viceroy's Executive Council after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. He left for England to ensure "there would be no Jallianwala Bagh again in India.' He claimed in his book that Michael O'Dwyer was responsible for the atrocity and was sued by O'Dwyer for libel. The case was won by O'Dwyer with only political economist Harold Laski as the dissenting juryman in 11 to 1 jury decision. O'Dwyer reportedly said he will forgo the damages of 7,000 pounds if Nair apologised, which he refused to do despite it being a large sum.

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