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Akhil Kotak's next 'Love You Papa' explores the timeless father-daughter bond; deets inside!

Akhil Kotak is currently rocking the headlines for his forthcoming film 'Love You Pappa'. The title has piqued the interest of filmgoers, who are anxious to learn more about the plot.

In this father-daughter relationship film, audiences will also get to see Akhil Kotak and Prapti Ajavaliya in the key roles. Disha Desai, Soni Bhatt, Kashish Rathore, Bhavik Jagad, Kinjal Khunt, and others will also feature

Furthermore, famous vocalist Geeta Chauhan has contributed her beautiful voice to one of the film's songs, 'Mara Papa Jevu Na Koi.' The song is doing the rounds on social media sites. 'Love You Papa' is scheduled to be released on June 17th.

Apart from Geeta Chauhan, singer Mayur Hemant Chauhan has also sung 'Vahli Dikri,' an emotional song. Other vocalists who have contributed to the film's other songs include Osman Mir, Hemant Joshi, Neeraj Vyas, Viidhii Upadhyay, Drashti Vachharajan, and Asif Jesriya.

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