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Gumraah Movie (2023) : Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Is Gumrah A Remake? What Should You Expect From The Movie?

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Bollywood is soon coming with a new thriller, Gumraah, which will release in 2023. The makers have promised to offer a mind-bending story that will thrill everyone. The movie will be based on a true story where fans will see the fresh pair of Mrunal Thakur and Aditya Roy on screen for the first time. Fans are eagerly waiting for the on-screen chemistry of this couple.

Is Gumraah a Remake?

In recent times, Bollywood filmmakers are remaking well-known South Indian movies in their own styles rather than coming up with unique Bollywood stories. The main reason behind this kind of action is the growing popularity of South Indian movies in the North Indian belt. Gumraah is going to be a Hindi version of Thandam, a Tamil movie released in 2019, which was a great success. The film was critically acclaimed and directed by Maghizh Thirumeni. In Thandam, we saw Arun Vijay, Vidya Pradeep, Tanya Hope, and Smruthi Venkat on the screen, which succeeded in creating the magic.

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