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Jai Mummy Di maker looks forward to make humorous movies

Writer and film director Navjot Gulati, whose directorial debut "Jai Mummy Di" releases on Friday, says he believes in telling a story in a lighthearted manner because the primary work of cinema is to engage and entertain.

"Adding a dash of humour is intentional because I know this as a matter of fact that all of us are living a hard life. We all have problems in our lives and, while the purpose of cinema is to be the agent of change in society, it should primarily entertain. So, whenever I will tell a story, I will add humour to it. Also, I think addressing an intense issue in a light-hearted manner is a challenge. I like to take that." Navjot told IANS.

Navjot has been writing for quite some time, and he also made short films such as "Second Hand", "Jai Mata Di", "Best Girlfriend", and "Mummy Nu Pasand". He is also the writer of the Taapsee Pannu-starrer feature film, "Running Shaadi".The filmmaker said the success of his debut directorial is important for him to expand his horizon of storytelling.

"If 'Jai Mummy Di' is a super hit, I will feel empowered to experiment with stories. I have been writing for quite some times now and I had around 20 scripts with me when I decided to make my directorial debut. One of the reasons I choose this film, this is a very mainstream story with drama, comedy and love story-- every element that catches attention of major part of the audience. The film also has given me the chance to see how I handle comedy and a story that has several characters and situation. That is why, if this film works, it will be a win for me," explained the director.

"Jai Mummy Di" features Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon among others.

Asked about the casting of the lead pair, Navjot shared: "I really like Sunny as an actor and when I talked to Luv (Ranjan , one of the producers of the film) he also suggested his name. When I narrated the script, Sunny and Sonnalli were so interested that I thought it is good that I make the film with them."

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