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83 actor Ammy Virk: Ranveer Singh looked after us like his own brothers

Ammy Virk's song "Main Suneya" released recently. The singer-actor also has Bollywood films 83, Bhuj and Punjabi film Qismat 2 in the pipeline.

Singer-actor Ammy Virk, who recently released his Punjabi track "Main Suneya", talked about the song, his upcoming film 83 and much more in a Facebook LIVE for The Indian Express handle.

Excerpts from the interaction:

"Main Suneya" is an emotional track. Is there a story behind choosing such a song?

There is nothing personal. I guess the season inspired the song because we have no reason to celebrate at the moment. No parties, no weddings... where will we play the party song? People connect to emotional tracks more. They can listen to it without any reason and at any moment. Hence, we made the song "Main Suneya". We wanted to make people emotional.

"Main Suneya" tackles a serious issue. What will you say about it?

The message is quite clear in the song. People who do wrong, they receive the results sooner or later.

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