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Satyajit Ray's 100th birth anniversary: Artist pays tribute by reimaging 10 of his films amid COVID19 pandemic

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, artist Aniket Mitra paid tribute to Satyajit Ray on the filmmaker's 100th birth anniversary. Take a look.

May 2, 2021, marks the 100th birth anniversary of the most renowned filmmaker, India ever got the chance to witness, Satyajit Ray. His films have had an immense impact, not just in the country, but also on a global level. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, an artist and short-film maker Aniket Mitra paid tribute to the legendary director for the centenary celebrations. The artist decided to honour the renowned filmmaker by re-imaging 10 films by him during the Covid-19 era.

The Mumbai-based artist shared his incredible work on his Instagram handle. He highlighted Satyajit Ray's humble origins in his post and also mentioned how staying silent on his birthday anniversary would disregard his accomplishments. In his reimaged posters, the artist showcased the struggle of people battling the deadly virus amid the second wave of Coronavirus. Speaking about peoples' hardship during these trying times, he penned, "People are helpless today. So today I mixed the story of the struggle of ordinary people with the story of another person's victory," He further added, "Maybe the mind can provide a little courage."

In a chat with Indian Express, Mitra expressed how difficult the situation has been for Covid-19 patients. He explained, if the filmmaker was "alive, he would have stood by the people." Mitra explained that this motivated him to make the artwork for his 100th birth anniversary. "I believe there would not have been a better way to celebrate Satyajit Ray's birthday than to celebrate people who are working in and out to fight the pandemic," he told the outlet.

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