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Crakk Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal's Extreme Sports Take On 'Hunger Games' Is Messy And Unconvincing

The Hindi action film, directed by Aditya Datt, pits its star Vidyut Jammwal in a do or die battlefield of survival sports that makes no sense.

About Crakk - Jeethegaa Toh Jiyegaa!

In Crakk - Jeethegaa Toh Jiyegaa!, Vidyut Jammwal plays a daredevil whose ultimate dream is to win the elusive Maidaan competition. It puts the action star in several dangerous sequences where he has to compete with entrants from around the world. But the motivation to win this ultimate sports competition undergoes several confusing adjustments during the film. Crakk, directed by Aditya Datt, is now running in theatres.

Crakk: Narrative

Jammwal plays Siddharth Dixit who constantly gets into trouble with the law for filming himself completing crazy stunts in Mumbai. After the death of his older brother Nihal, his parents too are disappointed in his lack of direction. But Siddharth manages to achieve his dream to compete in the select Maidaan competition - a Gladiator-meets-The-Hunger-Games type of arena, where the prize money is grand and the chances of dying are 50/50. However, once he's in, Siddharth has to go up against a formidable champion Dev (Arjun Rampal) who had defeated his brother.

Crakk: Writing and Direction

The oddest part about Crakk is how naive Siddharth is about Maidaan and his brother's participation and death in the shady tournament. He doesn't enter the competition to honour his death, it's just because he thinks it's cool. Director Datt, who has also co-written the script with Rehan Khan, Sarim Momin and Mohinder Pratab Singh, fashions Maidaan as this high-end underground competition. But the treatment of the actual race is quite ordinary, especially the last race between Rampal and Jammwal. The flashback race between Dev and Nihal was way more challenging.

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