Je Jatt Vigarh Gya

RELEASE DATE: 17 May 2024

LANGUAGE: Punjabi (With English Subtitles)

PRODUCER: Daljit Thind

DIRECTOR: Maneesh Bhatt

CAST: Jayy Randhawa, Pawan Malhotra, Deep Sehgal

SYNOPSIS: Daler, a village boy whose neck falls to the right side whenever he gets angry, arrives in Chandigarh with the intent of bringing his pregnant sister back home. Along the way, he meets his lady love, and it's at this point when his life takes a drastic turn. Why does his neck lose control to hold? Why isn't he able to take his sister back? What happened to his lady love? How did he expose the poor medical system?

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From 17 May 2024

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